How To Fix “Systems are Under Maintenance” While trying to pay ticket ?

NJMVC (NJ Motor Vehicle Commission –, a governmental agency has developed an Official NJMCDirect (New Jersey Municipal Court Direct Website) for online ticket payments in New Jersey ,U.S. state. In some cases, if you’re unable to pay ticket online on njmcdirect website to New jersey courts. If you had seen any error message popping up “Systems are under maintenance, please check back later”, please follow the procedure to avoid paying the additional fees.

There are 3 options that you can opt for if you’re unable to pay ticket online to new jersey courts on njmcdirect’s website.

1. Explain your Problem to the NJ Courts

Explain your Problem to the NJ Courts: If you encounter an error message stating that the NJMCDirect system is under maintenance and you are unable to pay your ticket online in new jersey, one option is to explain your problem to the NJ Courts. You can contact the court associated with your ticket and inform them about the situation. You can explain your situation contacting NJ Courts customer support the phone or through email, depending on the available contact details.

By reaching out to the NJ Courts and explaining the issue, you can demonstrate your intention to pay the ticket promptly. They may provide guidance on alternative payment methods or extend the deadline until the online payment system is operational again. It’s crucial to maintain open communication with the court to avoid any potential penalties or late fees.

2. Pay Ticket Offline

If the NJMCDirect website is undergoing maintenance and you cannot pay your ticket online to new jersey courts, an alternative option is to pay offline. Offline payment methods may vary depending on the court handling your ticket, but some common approaches include:

Mail-in Payment: You can make a payment by mail using a check or money order. Obtain the necessary payment instructions from the court handling your ticket, including the payable amount, recipient, and mailing address. Ensure that you include all relevant ticket information along with your payment. It’s advisable to send the payment well in advance of the due date to allow for processing time.

In-person Payment: You can visit the municipal court in person to make your payment. Obtain the court’s address and operating hours from their official website or by contacting them directly. Prepare the necessary payment method, such as cash, check, or money order, as some courts may not accept credit or debit card payments. It’s advisable to bring all relevant ticket information and identification to facilitate the payment process.

Pay by Phone :

  • Obtain the phone payment information from the court handling your ticket.
  • Call the designated phone number provided.
  • Provide your ticket and personal information as requested.
  • Follow the instructions to make your payment over the phone.
  • Keep any receipts or confirmation numbers for your records.

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