How To Rent a Car in New Jersey [Requirements, Price]

New to New Jersey , Wanna rent a car temporarily in New Jersey ? You’re in the right place. We shall give you complete information about how to rent a car in the state of New Jersey. Depends on your county, there are different companies who allows to rent car in new jersey. But According to New Jersey Traffic Laws, there are some requirements. lets move into the article.

Required Documents for Renting a Car in New Jersey

Valid driver’s license : Yes..!! A Valid driving license is required that is internationally acceptable. Was’t I clear ? To be clear, a valid driving license mean that previosly the license shouldn’t be either suspended, expired, revoked, canceled, or surrendered. you can also opt for temporary licenses in the state itself.

Good Driving Record : Your driving record shouldn’t contain any sort of DUI/DWI/DWAI convictions in past 48 months. Also no record of  possession of a stolen vehicle, traffic violations or reckless driving should be there.

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How Old do you have to be to Rent a Car in New Jersey

A young adult who is 21 years old can rent a car in new jersey. Also you need to carry supported documents to prove your age like ✔ Driving License. ✔ Passport or National ID Card. ✔ Credit Card. A valid driver’s license with Date of Birth printed from the person’s country of residence is enough. Higher age limits apply for luxury and specialty vehicles (Class A, B, C).

How much does it cost to rent a car in new jersey

Typically it may cost 25$ to 100$ depends upon the location(county), car type and rental company. There are different sizes that include Internmediate, Compact , SUV, Full Size. Mostly 28% of users prefer to rent Intermediate cars in New Jersey due to affordable price, availability, and their planned activities.

Parking Ticket on Rental Car : Should I Pay ?

If you had rent a car in New Jersey and got your parking ticket , immediately report to the agency that supplies cars to the rental. f not they may charge additional fee if you wouldn’t report on-time to the company. If they suggest you to pay your parking ticket online via, 3% convinience fee will be added to your ticket amount. To avoid 3% fee, directly pay the ticket penalty due to the rental company itself.

Concluding with you can rent a car in New Jersey with a caution. As you can also rent acar for longer periods like months and years. Thereby you need residency proof to do so. You can also cancel the subscrption anytime based on the rental policies and procedures given by particular rental company.

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