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NJMCDirect is an online ticket payment portal that helps to make the ticket payment to Municipal Court of New Jersey by logging on to www.njmcdirect.com. Apart from letting you to pay ticket online via “NJMCDirect” able to locate traffic ticket information and make the ticket payment in easy, secure and convenient way.

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NJMCDirect allows online ticket-payment in easy, secure and convenient way.


NJMCDirect Website is developed for ticket payments by the NJMVC (NJ Motor Vehicle Commission – NJ.gov), a governmental agency of the U.S. state of New Jersey. People who committed for traffic violation in New Jersey, needs to stand in-front of the court. NJ’s NJMCDirect legitimate website, paying tickets made simple, as you need not stand in-front of the municipal court waiting in the long queues if you had indulged in traffic violation. As it’s an New Jersey government initiative, NJMVC took a major step in establishment of the official website for accepting the ticket payments online.

Portal NameNJMCDirect
Official Websitewww.njmcdirect.com
FunctionalitySearch & Pay Tickets
StateNew Jersey, USA

How To Make the Traffic Ticket Payment on www.NJMCDirect.com ?

  • Visit the official website of www.njmcdirect.com in-order to make the ticket payment.
  • After you visit the official website, Select en español or english which is user-friendly.
  • Please choose your language and you see 2 options.
  • Choose the 1st option “Traffic Ticket” from the available options.
    • Traffic Ticket
    • Municipal Complaint
  • You will be asked to enter Traffic Ticket information like Ticket Number, Court ID/ Name, Prefix, License Plate Number.
  • After entering the information, Click on Search button to view your traffic ticket.
NJ Direct
  • Then you can fetch the ticket details and the outstanding amount is being displayed on the screen.
  • To Pay Total Outstanding Amount, you could use any of these payment methods from below.

Using NJMCDirect website, 3 % convenience fee is charged for maintenance purpose of payment platform. A convenience fee is a fee charged by the Official Authorities when a user make a ticket payment through official website of NJMCdirect with an electronic payment methods. Usually 2% to 3% is being charged by the website maintenance purpose .


  • Reliable Internet Connection Connected to Devices
  • Devices like Mobile or PC or Tablet having Internet Browsers.
  • Modern browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • NJMCDirect Web Address
  • Active During Specific Payment Hours.

NJMCDirect hours of Operation

The NJMCDirect open only during operational hours only. In those working hours, make sure you’re visiting the official website and finish your payment transaction, as the portal is not open 24/7. Please Check out operational hours.

DaysWorking HoursTime Zone
Mon – Thurs4:30AM – 11:15PMEastern Standard Time
Friday4:30AM – 10:15PMEastern Standard Time
Saturday4:30AM – 3:15PMEastern Standard Time
Sunday1:00PM – 11:15PMEastern Standard Time

Where Can I Find My Traffic Ticket Information Online ?

If you have committed for traffic violation in New Jersey, you need traffic ticket information like Traffic Ticket Number, Court ID/Name and Ticket Prefix.

  • Ticket Number : The Format of Ticket number is found on your ticket. may look like : 0714 E19 274044
  • Court ID/Name : Every Municipal Court has unique ID (Identification) number & name.
  • Ticket Prefix: Ticket-Prefix code is an Alpha- numerical code.

City NameCourt IDTicket Prefix
West New York0912J17
Union City0910J15
East Orange0706C07
Jersey City
Perth Amboy1216M18
Roselle Park2015N17
Fort Lee0219B20
South Brunswick Township1221M23
Wall Township1352N56

NJMCDirect Customer Support :

Customer Support Team assist customers in making ticket payment to the New Jersey Court if any customer face challenges whether it might be a question, feedback or complaint, you can reach out or contact Customer support for further assistance through Phone number or Office near you . So please contact help desk for customer support.

Customer Service Number(973) 284 4945
Alternative Phone Number609-292-9580.
Fax(973) 284 4914
NJ Courts Judiciary State, US AddressNJMC Public Security Building, Second Floor, 228 Chestnut Street, New Jersey, USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Civil recovery?

Civil Recovery is a process that requires the person who injured you to pay for your traffic ticket bills, parking tickets , lost wages, and other expenses related to your accident. These types of cases are handled in civil court, not criminal court.

What is a civil recovery proceeding?

Civil Recovery Proceedings are an alternative to filing a lawsuit. They are designed to help you recover money from the person or business that hurt or damaged you, whether it’s through negligence, fraud or some other form of misconduct. They’re also called “civil actions,” and they have their own court system and rules.

How do I renew my driver license?

You can “Renew your Driver License” by visiting your local DMV and filling out a renewal form. You will need to bring all the necessary documents with you, such as proof of identity, proof of residence, your current license, and payment for the renewal fee.

What is a moving violation?

A Moving Violation is a traffic offense that occurs while you’re driving. You can get a ticket for committing a moving violation, which will result in points on your driving record and fines.

What are the common types of moving violations?

Moving Traffic Violations are categorized by severity and each has its own penalties. Common types are Speeding, Driving through red lights and stop signs, Racing or drag racing on public roads, driving without insurance.

What is a non-moving violation?

A Non-Moving Violation is a traffic offense that doesn’t involve the movement of your vehicle. The movement of vehicle can include anything from parking violations to failing to yield. So parking ticket is charged.

What is the NJ surcharge?

The NJ Surcharge is a tax that affects all employers in New Jersey. This tax is different than a federal payroll tax because it’s not deducted from your paycheck. Instead, it’s collected by your employer and remitted to the state.

Do I have to pay NJ surcharge?

Yes, if you work in New Jersey and earn more than $1,000 in wages during the calendar year. The NJ Surcharge is paid by your employer and it is deducted from your paychecks.

What happens if I plead guilty?

You will be found Plead Guilty of the crime and will receive a sentence. The judge will decide your sentence based on what happened, your criminal history, and how much time you’ve spent in jail waiting for trial.

What happens if I don’t plead guilty?

If you don’t plead guilty, you’ll go to court, and you’ll have your day in court. The judge will decide whether or not you’re guilty, and then they’ll decide what kind of punishment is appropriate for your crime.

What if NJMC direct not opening properly?

If you face Access Denied Error 16, make sure that you are entering the correct address : www.Njmcdirect.com through New Jersey state only.

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